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Complete Pickup Truck CB Package

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

We’ve been meaning to create a complete Pickup Truck CB package, and we’ve finally done it!  The new Right Channel Cobra 29 LTD Pickup Truck Package contains everything needed for an easy CB install on your truck.

The package is built around the Cobra 29 series, the most popular radios on the market.  All six popular version of the Cobra 29 are available with this package, including models with Nightwatch, Weather and Bluetooth functionality.

A Firestik FS antenna is included with the kit.  As the most popular fiberglass antenna with pickup trucks today, this was an easy choice.

What we’re really excited about is the diverse mounting options available.  The kit includes more than a dozen mounting options, including proprietary mounts for Ford, Chevy and GMC, Dodge and Toyota trucks!  We provided as many choices as possible to make it more likely you’ll get the perfect fit with your specific truck make and model.

Finally, the kit also includes an easily routeable Firestik Fire-Ring coax connection which lets you route a small coax cable without having to soldered the end on!

Our kit is new, and we’re always open to ideas on how to improve it.  If you’d like to suggest some additional ways to improve it, please let us know.

Cobra 29 Bluetooth CB Radio

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Cobra recently released a new Bluetooth enabled model of their highly successful line of Cobra 29 CB radios.  Designed with the professional driver in mind, The Cobra 29 Bluetooth model’s biggest selling point is the ability to make and receive cell phone calls through the CB radio.  When used with a Bluetooth compatible phone, incoming calls can be re-routed through the CB radio by simply clicking a button on the microphone.  Once connected, the entire phone conversation can be conducted through the radio with the CB microphone used to talk and the incoming voice being broadcasted through the radio’s speaker, making it easier for the driver to focus on the road.  Apart from its Bluetooth capabilities, the new Cobra CB model also includes a number of other popular features including talkback, RF Gain, PA functionality and a noise canceling microphone.

The radio, which retails for $189.99, is priced at a $70 premium to the base Cobra 29 LTD which is a nearly identical radio without the Bluetooth functionality.  If you spend a lot of time on the phone while driving, this Bluetooth model from Cobra may be extremely attractive.  However, if you’re not much of a talker, you would probably fare better saving the approximate $70 and going with the base model, or spending the difference to upgrade to the Nightwatch or Weather Cobra 29 models.