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Three new CB’s from Cobra!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

To help us welcome spring 2012, Cobra has introduced three new CB radios. Staying in line with the current Cobra fashion, all these radios are similar to the Cobra 29 LX as they feature large multi-color LCD displays. Of the new radios, the most notable is the Cobra 25 LX.

Cobra 25 LX CB Radio

CB users who do not have enough cab space to fit the beastly 29 LX can now choose its smaller cousin, the 25 LX. The Cobra 25 LX features many of the same CB functions as the 29 LX, but in a smaller package. Some of the primary features are system diagnostics, channel scan, and PA. Other than the size, the primary difference between the Cobra 25 LX and the Cobra 29 LX is that the 25 does not offer a NOAA weather function and a SWR meter.

Cobra 29 LX BT

Next in line is the Cobra’s newest Bluetooth compatible radio, the Cobra 29 LX BT. Replacing the popular Cobra 29 WX NW BT, the new Cobra 29 LX BT offers NOAA weather channels, channel scan, system diagnostic, along with Cobra’s Bluetooth microphone. Syncing this CB radio with your cell phone is an easy and great way to take phone calls through your CB radio. Many states require that drivers use “hands free” accessories to take cell phone calls, and the Cobra 29 LX BT allows you to operate your cell phone within the parameters of the law.

Cobra 29 LX Chrome CB Radio

Lastly, Cobra has introduced their first limited edition LX series radio, the Cobra 29 LX Chrome. This CB radio is enclosed in a customer chrome CB cabinet with a large impression of the Cobra logo on top. Ideal for CBers who want a little “flash” along with a quality CB radio.

The Cobra 25 LX and Cobra 29 LX Chrome are available and shipping, while the Cobra 29 LX BT is expected to arrive in May 2012.