Right Channel Radios gets a Facelift!

August 28th, 2012

Have you seen the new look of Rightchannelradios.com? In February, we gave our site a facelift by adding tons of new features, product information, and a more intuitive design. One of the most exciting aspects of the new site is the amount of new product information that we were able to add. We’ve learned a ton about CB products, installs, and accessories since opening RCR, and we’ve done our best to share that information so you can make the best decisions possible.

One of the new shopping features that we think is very helpful is the ability to browse products through different categories. For example, when you enter our site and click on the “Browse all CB Radios” button, you will have the option to display only the radios that fit what you are looking for. If you are in the market for a radio that gets NOAA weather channels, all you need to do is click on the “Weather” option and you will only see products that include weather channel. You can browse CB radios by their features, size, type, manufacturer, and price. This same feature is available when browsing CB antennas. You can shop for antennas by length, type, mounting location, and manufacturer.

If you are not sure what CB parts to get for your car, Jeep, SUV, truck, or equipment, we have added an in-depth category that allows you to shop parts for specific vehicle types. Just click on the “Equipment by Vehicle” category and you will have the option to choose your vehicle type and see what CB parts are recommended. As always, we offer many complete CB packages that include everything you need for a full CB installation.

In addition to our products, our site features the industry’s largest free CB resource library. Wether you are just looking for information about how to choose a CB radio, or you are a professional driver looking for a CB troubleshooting guide, our CB resources will help you find the answers you are looking for.

We hope you enjoy the new site and would love to hear feedback about the new features, product information, and look.

New SSB CB Radio from Uniden

July 2nd, 2012

The introduction of the Uniden 980 marks a big day for the SSB CB community. While the SSB community is very active, it is small, and as a result often overlooked when new products are designed. Now, SSB users can enjoy a CB radio that has newer features like a large LCD display, integrated NOAA weather channels, system diagnostics, and memory channel while having SSB capability. Uniden has been making quality CB products for years and we won’t be surprised if the Uniden 980 SSB breathes new life into the SSB community.

Uniden 980 SSB CB Radio

CB Radios and Text Messaging?

May 29th, 2012

Until recently, combining CB radio and text message technology seemed like mixing oil and water. It just doesn’t work, right? Cobra has changed that reality with the introduction of the new Cobra 29 LX BT. Spearheading the “hands free” CB movement, the Cobra 29 LX BT can pair with your Bluetooth cell phone and display incoming text messages on the screen of your CB radio. If your phone has voice recognition technology, you can compose text messages and/or place phone calls by speaking into the bluetooth CB microphone. We are thrilled about this new radio and believe that CBers will be seeking out this remarkable new product!

Cobra 29 LX BT CB Radio

Three new CB’s from Cobra!

April 11th, 2012

To help us welcome spring 2012, Cobra has introduced three new CB radios. Staying in line with the current Cobra fashion, all these radios are similar to the Cobra 29 LX as they feature large multi-color LCD displays. Of the new radios, the most notable is the Cobra 25 LX.

Cobra 25 LX CB Radio

CB users who do not have enough cab space to fit the beastly 29 LX can now choose its smaller cousin, the 25 LX. The Cobra 25 LX features many of the same CB functions as the 29 LX, but in a smaller package. Some of the primary features are system diagnostics, channel scan, and PA. Other than the size, the primary difference between the Cobra 25 LX and the Cobra 29 LX is that the 25 does not offer a NOAA weather function and a SWR meter.

Cobra 29 LX BT

Next in line is the Cobra’s newest Bluetooth compatible radio, the Cobra 29 LX BT. Replacing the popular Cobra 29 WX NW BT, the new Cobra 29 LX BT offers NOAA weather channels, channel scan, system diagnostic, along with Cobra’s Bluetooth microphone. Syncing this CB radio with your cell phone is an easy and great way to take phone calls through your CB radio. Many states require that drivers use “hands free” accessories to take cell phone calls, and the Cobra 29 LX BT allows you to operate your cell phone within the parameters of the law.

Cobra 29 LX Chrome CB Radio

Lastly, Cobra has introduced their first limited edition LX series radio, the Cobra 29 LX Chrome. This CB radio is enclosed in a customer chrome CB cabinet with a large impression of the Cobra logo on top. Ideal for CBers who want a little “flash” along with a quality CB radio.

The Cobra 25 LX and Cobra 29 LX Chrome are available and shipping, while the Cobra 29 LX BT is expected to arrive in May 2012.

Uniden drops CB radio prices across the board!

November 22nd, 2011

Uniden just dropped the prices on the majority of their CB radio line! Uniden has been a major player in providing quality CB equipment for years and now you can purchase a Uniden radio with a ton of features at a low cost. Go to our Uniden CB radio page to see the new low prices!Uniden PC78 CB Radio

Uniden Introduces Three New CB Radios!

October 26th, 2011

This past week Uniden announced the addition of three new CB radios to their product line. All three of the new radios feature large LCD screens with vibrant displays and give the products a modern feel. The price range of the new radios varies signigigantly with the entry level Bearcat Pro 505XL retailing for $39.95 and the impressive Bearcat 880 selling for $149.95. All of the radios look sharp and will fit well within the Uniden product line.

Uniden BC880

Uniden Bearcat BC880

The Bearcat BC880 is the most impressive radio in the new CB lineup. This radio has an host of features including NOAA weather, radio diagnostics, and variable talkback. While these features are great the most stunning feature has to be the massive display. The new LCD display takes up the majority of the radios face and easily displays all the information the CB user needs to see. Additionally there are seven different display colors to choose from so you can customize the look of your CB however you like. The new radio also features a 6 pin mic which is compatible with the new wireless CB microphones. Also if you own a nice aftermarket 4 pin mic you will be able to use it with the 880 as the radio includes a 6 pin to 4 pin adapter. The Uniden BC880 CB radio will be available in December and will retail for $149.95.

Uniden BC680

Uniden Bearcat BC680

The Uniden BC680 features a large LCD display and only two adjustment dials giving the radio a very sleek and simple look. Transmission and reception signal strength are shown on the display along with the operating channel. The Uniden BC680 features mic gain control, ANL/ noise blanking, a local/DX switchm and dynamic squelch control. This radio also includes a 6 pin ergonomic pistol grip mic and gives the user the opportunity to upgrade to a wireless mic if desired. The BC680 will also be released in December and will retail for only $89.95.

Uniden PRO505XL

Uniden Bearcat PRO505XL

In addition to Uniden’s other new radios they brought to market a very high value radio in the Bearcat PRO505XL. This radio also has a large LCD screen that displays the current operating channel and signal strength but this radio only retails for $39.95! Also the radio has a PA capability which is absent in similar cost radios from other brands. The Uniden PRO505XL has great value and will help users purchase a sharp looking CB radio with PA for a very affordable price. Uniden has already launched this radio and it is available now for only $39.95.

The Cobra 29 LX CB Radio!

April 1st, 2011

Cobra 29 LX

Due to the popularity of the Cobra 29 LX LE (Limited Edition) Cobra has decided to permanently add the Cobra 29 LX to its CB radio family!

The Cobra 29 LX boasts a host of impressive features. Weather stations, scanning and alerts keep you informed of current conditions and any sever weather situations that exist. New to the Cobra 29 line, channel scanning lets you actively scan all 40 frequencies for activity. The Radio Check Diagnostic feature provides information on RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage. Other features include a PA (Public Address) mode, antenna warning indicator, delta tune, RF gain, talk back, channel memory, dynamike instant channel 9/19 and more. If you want a feature packed CB radio with an impressive design and stunning display, the Cobra 29LX is a great choice.

MarineRadioChannel.com goes live!

January 10th, 2011


As we mentioned in our November post RightChannelRadios.com is now helping equip its customers with VHF marine radios, VHF antennas, and other marine accessories. Along with this new offering we have launched a new blog Marineradiochannel.com. This will be a source for consumers to learn about  VHF marine radio operation, installation, and VHF radio products. Please visit Marineradiochannel.com and become part of RightChannelRadios.com’s marine radio community!

Right Channel Radios Introduces VHF Marine Radios!

November 9th, 2010

Right Channel Radios would like to welcome VHF Marine Radios to its product line! CB radios have always been and will continue to be RCR’s core business but we are excited to help boaters receive the same great service we provide to CB users. This is a natural step for Right Channel as VHF marine radios are similar to CB radios in many ways.

VHF Marine Radios

The VHF Radio is standard equipment on almost all watercraft that is navigating large bodies of water. The VHF Radios primary use is to communicate with other watercraft, monitor weather, and send or respond to emergency signals. VHF Radios power range is typically between 1 and 25 watts and operates in the frequency range of 156 MHz to 174 MHz. Similar to CB’s VHF Radios utilize multiple channels many of which are designated for specific uses. Channel 16 and 9 are the emergency channels which are monitored by the United States Coast Guard 24 hours a day. VHF radios are available in either fixed mount or handheld versions.

VHF Antennas

VHF Antennas operate similar to CB antennas. In order for the antenna to be effective the tip must be in an open area free from obstructions. The most significant difference between Marine VHF antennas and CB antennas is that marine antennas do not need to be tuned. The Marine radio antenna is much more of a plug and play product as all you need to do is mount the antenna and attach the coax to the radio and you are ready to broadcast.

Marine Antenna Mounts

There are a variety of VHF antenna mounts that allow the boater to attach the antenna to flat surfaces, curved surfaces, rails, and vertical walls. Many Marine Antenna Mounts feature ratchets and allow the user to quickly lay the antenna down. Most VHF antennas are made of either nylon or stainless steel and have different antenna height and weight capacities. Marine Antennas are easy to install and operate.

If you would like to learn more about our marine products visit our VHF Marine Radio page. 

Cobra 29 LX LE Now Available for Pre-Order!

September 14th, 2010

Cobra’s 50th Anniversary Cobra 29 LX LE CB radio is now available for pre-order from Right Channel Radios!   Radios will be shipped out as soon as we receive them at our warehouses, with a warehouse ETA of September 27, 2010.  A limited number are available, so if you want to get your hands on this hot new radio, make sure to get your order in early!

Place your Cobra 29 LX LE pre-order now.